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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Retrospective of Shyam's Writing 04-28

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Retrospective of Shyam's Writings.

Image credit : Shyam's Imagination Library

Here is a mini retrospective of my writings for my new followers and friends. These are  the
articles that have earned immense respect for me from my audience over the years. I have segmented the articles domain wise for reader convenience. Hope you like it.

Here the most viewed and adulated articles.

Some of my best articles on Mindfulness are

The Kalam I knew and worked with (About Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Lead India 2020 Foundation.)

Capacity Building and development

Who should decide the appropriateness or otherwise of a LinkedIn Post. LinkedIn or 'SSLP'


Human Resources, Career, Hiring, Manpower Management

Self Esteem and Motivation

Building Self Esteem from a state of despondency & frustration, and how it adds to your performance

Learning Teaching Comprehension Education

Big names often deliver small in Education ऊँची दुकान, फीका पकवान 

Strategy, Innovation, Management, B-Schools, MBA, CEO, Others

The CEO's Shakespearean Dilemma    

  Ethics take a back seat, as opportunism goes into overdrive & leads from the front

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